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As you navigate the loss of a loved one, sooner or later you will have questions about your loved one’s property and what you have to do to with it.  What needs to be done with your loved one’s will?  What if your loved one never made a will?  What exactly is “probate,” anyway?  How about assets that you and your loved one owned jointly or that had beneficiary designations, like a retirement account or a life insurance policy?  Should your loved one’s surviving spouse or children be requesting year’s support?  In a time of loss, these unknowns can quickly become overwhelming for survivors.


Wood & Bembry LLC will help guide you through this process.  Your needs and your wishes will drive the services we provide for you.  Do you want to take on the bulk of the work opening probate for the estate, preparing and filing the necessary petitions for you to take as much stress off of you as possible?  Do you want us to get you started on the right path and be available for questions while you take on more of the work yourself?  We seek to be the kind of partner you need as you move through this difficult stage of life.

Probate and Estate Administration

Do I have to go through probate when my loved one dies?

You might, or you might not.  It depends on the kinds of property your loved one owned and whether it is "probate property" that will not automatically transfer to someone else.  It also depends on who your loved one's survivors are and what their needs are.  Don't let the idea of "probate" scare you, though - with our help, it will not be so intimidating, and we will help make it as smooth as possible.

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