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Contracts and Transactions

Business is all about moving forward - selling your product, making purchases to further your business's needs, expanding your geographic reach, creating beneficial relationships.  Frequently, these advances in your business must be negotiated and memorialized in writing.  This experience can be overwhelming and time-consuming for a business owner, especially if the business has never done anything similar.


We work with clients on large and small transactions to help ensure that all of the necessary details are covered and the client's interests are protected.  From the beginning, we consult with the client on how the deal should be structured and what the client aims to gain from it.  Our services include drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements including the following:


  • Letters of intent


  • Purchase agreements


  • Sale agreements


  • Shareholders agreements


  • Operating agreements


  • Joint venture agreements


  • Tax sharing agreements


  • Financing agreements


  • Franchise agreements


  • License agreements


Clients also turn to us for assistance with business licensing issues and compliance with state and local regulations.  We work with local restaurants and other establishments to comply with alcohol licensing requirements.

  • Distributor agreements


  • Lease agreements


  • Consulting agreements


  • Vendor agreements


  • Confidentiality agreements


  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements


  • Separation and termination agreements


  • Independent contractor agreements


  • Work-for-hire agreements

  • Represented an automobile dealership in selling its franchise, including automobile and parts inventory, fixed assets, and certain intellectual property

  • Represented a management group in a leveraged buyout

  • Represented a manufacturer in the sale of agricultural aircraft

  • Represented a departing LLC member in a business separation

  • Represented a landlord in negotiating and drafting a commercial lease

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